Philips Soymilk Maker 1.2L

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Easily prepare smooth soymilk with this Philips soymilk maker, featuring a twin boomerang-shaped blade. Thanks to the "Easy Clean" function and waterproof caps, fresh homemade soymilk is now available with less effort - to you & your family.

Twin boomerang-shaped blade for finer cutting performanceThe specially designed twin boomerang-shaped blade provides finer cutting performance. The two serrated wings bent down at different angles, which results in a more effective bean contact surface during cutting. Additionally, the two side wings improve bean distribution for optimal cutting performance.

Cageless design makes cleaning easierThe cageless design and smooth surfaces without screws and protruding edges are easier to clean

Dedicated "Easy Clean" button for increased conveniencePressing the "Easy Clean" button starts preliminary cleaning by heating up and stirring the water, allowing for easy cleaning at your convenience with less effort

Enlarged bottom radius of inner pan allows for easy cleaningThe enlarged bottom radius of the inner pan allows for easy reach, so you can give it a clean sweep in one go.

Finish filtering in one pour without stirringFinish filtering in one pour without stirring thanks to the specially designed sieve.

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