Philips Sonicare Healty White Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush

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Whiter, healthier teeth!

The ultimate toothbrush for whiter teeth. 

Provides superior clean:

- Sonicare dynamic cleaning action drives fluid between teeth

- Angled brush head neck for better reach to back teeth

-Removes up to 2x more plaque than a manual toothbrush

- Dynamic cleaning action drives fluid between teeth

- Proven to improve oral health: Clinically proven safe and gentle.

Naturally whiter teeth with patented sonic technology: The Dynamic Cleaning Action of this toothbrush and the direct broader contact with each tooth, has proven to remove everyday stains, to help keep teeth naturally whiter.

*2 modes, 1 brush head


Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite HX6711/02 Rechargeable Toothbrush

From the makers of the power toothbrush brand most recommended by dental professionals, Philips Sonicare introduces the HealthyWhite rechargeable electric toothbrush, the most advanced power toothbrush

Whiter, healthier teeth

Taking good care of your teeth and mouth is a lifetime commitment, because your oral health can directly affect your overall health. Sonicare's system of toothbrush handle and brush head delivers patented sonic technology gently, yet effectively, to your teeth and gums. Philips toothbrushes give you effective plaque removal, naturally whiter teeth and a clean you can feel.

Philips brush handles and brush heads incorporate thoughtful design and precision engineering to deliver a whiter smile and a healthier mouth. Choose the right brush handle and brush head for your oral care needs and experience a lifetime of good oral health.

How can Sonicare help you improve your oral health?

- Healthier gums in two weeks.

- Effective plaque removal for a thorough clean.

- Healthier and naturally whiter teeth in just two weeks.

- Effective yet gentle brushing.

- Toothbrush solutions for specific oral care needs.

- Sonicare HealthyWhite can naturally remove unsightly stains HealthyWhite can help you get rid of everyday stains quickly and naturally. You can also     make it harder for stains to grab hold by brushing daily, which keeps your teeth smooth and clean.

- HealthyWhite brushes away everyday stains and keeps your teeth and gums healthy.

Results in two weeks

HealthyWhite is clinically proven to whiten teeth by up to two shades in just two weeks. The Clean and White mode effectively removes everyday stains, such as coffee, tea and tobacco, for naturally whiter teeth in two weeks. Philips dynamic cleaning action also removes plaque, cleaning each tooth surface, for a brighter and healthier smile.


- Smartimer--Two-minute timer helps to ensure

- dentist-recommended brushing time.

- Quadpacer--Interval timer.

- ProResults brush head--Two contoured brush head sizes.

- Travel charger--Multi-voltage, compact travel charger.

- Speed--31,000 brush strokes per minute.

- Battery type--Lithium ion rechargeable battery.

- Operating time (full to empty)--Full charge should provide 20 two-minute brushings.

- Voltage-- Multi-voltage charger.

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