Philips Lion 3-H Wet & Dry Shaver with Trimmer

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Great shave and skin protection.

Want to enjoy a comforting and refreshing shave without the worry of damaging your skin? The Philips AquaTouch provides just that. It can be used with shaving gel/foam and if in a rush it can be used without for a quick shave. 

  • Pop-up trimmer (perfect for sideburns and moustache)
  • Aquatec wet and dry seal
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Consistent blade performance
  • LED Indicator
  • Close cut blades
  • 30 minutes cordless use
  • Full width trimmer
  • Waterproof
  • 2 year Guarantee

 A smooth skin or well-shaved or well-trimmed face projects the look of a decent looking person. Have a clean and smooth shaving experience giving comfort to your skin with the 'Philips AquaTouch AT620/14 Men's Shaver'. It gives a refreshing feel while shaving and avoids the worry of getting the skin damaged. It has different features for both wet shave and dry shave. It is also easy to handle and operate. After getting it charged, one can also use it cordless. The trimmer of the shaver is perfect for trimming sideburns and mustache. The product is safe and has high performance giving you a close and smooth cut. After using it, you can easily clean it without any hassle.


Clean Shave Specifications

The shaver from Philips has CloseCut blades that have rounded edges, and these blades glide easily on the skin giving a close shave with comfort. The blades are sharp and shave very smoothly without causing any cuts on the skin. The shaving heads are of high performance and last for long, so you can replace them in every two years. The shaver is 100% waterproof, thanks to the Aquatic seal on the shaver. You can use it to shave under shower or by using foam for skin protection. The shaver can have a smooth wet shave and a convenient dry shave as well. After having dry or wet shave, it is also easy to clean the shaver; just pop the head open and rinse it under tap. If you are not a clean-shave kind of person, then you can use the pop-up trimmer to have a smooth and perfect grooming of the sideburns and mustache.


Physical Features

The shaver has an ergonomic design with a handle that offers a perfect grip. With such a handle, you can have full control of the shaving experience to have a smooth, clean shave. The handle has anti-slip coating for a close control that avoids the shaver from slipping off hands. It is usually used by connecting it to the electricity through a cord. However, you can also use it wireless after keeping it to charge for 10 hours. Then you can use it for 30 plus minutes of convenient cordless shaving. The Philips shaver is also an eco-friendly product. The blades are sharp, replaceable and easy to clean. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the clean and smooth shaving experience with the 'Philips AquaTouch AT620/14 Men's Shaver'. You can order online for the shaver and get it delivered at your doorstep.


Product Features

Shaver for both wet and dry shave

Shaving blades with round edges that glide smoothly on the skin

Shaver with Aquatic seal that makes it 100% waterproof

A smooth and perfect grooming of the sideburns and mustache

An ergonomic design with a handle that offers a perfect grip

30 minutes of cordless shaving

Features: Philips Aquatouch At620/14 Men's Shaver 

Aquatec - refreshing wet shave with foam or an easy dry shave

- 10 hours charge gives 30+ minutes of cordless power

- Pop-up trimmer: perfect for sideburns and mustache

- 2-year worldwide guarantee




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