Philips Hair Clipper with Dual Cut Technology

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HAIRCLIPPER Series 3000 - Cuts twice as fast. 

With DualCut technology for a faster, sharper cut. 

The HAIRCLIPPER Series 3000 is built to last, and engineered to perform. The innovative cutting element, stainless steel blades and adjustable hair comb are designed to give you a fast, sharp cut, time after time. 

*Stainless steel blades 13 length settings, Corded use, Scissors and comb


Philips HairClipper HC3410/13 Features:

- Get a faster, smoother cut with the double-sharpened cutting element with reduced friction.

- 13 easy lock-in length settings from 0.5 to 15mm, to give you exactly the length you want.

- Self- sharpening blades, so it's always ready to give you a perfect cut.

- Easy to clean and built to last with 'quick release' blades which never need oiling.

- Precise length control - comes with scissors and a styling comb to give you everything you need for a professional haircut at home.


Dual Cut Technology

Power through any hair type with our advanced DualCut Technology, which combines a double-sharpened cutting element with low-friction engineering. The innovative cutting element is designed to perform time after time, cutting hair twice as fast as regular Philips clippers with a robust stainless steel guard for ultimate durability.


Lock-in length settings

Simply select and lock in the length you want with the adjustable comb which provides 12 lock-in length settings from 1 mm to 23 mm, with precisely 2 mm between each length. Or you can use it without the comb for a close 0.5-mm trim.


Comb attachment

The adjustable hair comb attachment allows you to choose from 12 hair length settings from 1mm to 23mm, precisely 2 mm between each length.


Self-sharpening blades

The self-sharpening, stainless steel blades stay sharp longer and ensure top cutting performance.


100% Washable

Conveniently washes under the tap for a thorough clean. Simply click open the detachable head to quickly release and wash the blades.


Skin friendly

The double-sharpened cutting element has low-friction engineering which results in a more comfortable and smooth trim.



Your clipper comes with scissors and styling comb - everything you need for a professional haircut at home.

Efficient corded use Power cord provides efficient constant power.

What’s included:

1 x HairClipper

1 x Comb attachment

1 x Scissors

1 x Comb

1 x Adapter

1 x User manual

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