Philips 4 in 1 Multi styler

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Variety of curls, constant care. 

Curling iron for your favorite curls. 

Curls are forever, curls are eternal, and they will always be! Philips Multi-Curler helps you create variations of different curling styles: from tight and bouncy to wavy and free-flowing. Experiment with your curls while caring for your hair. 

*4 styling attachments, 190 C temperature, Ceramic coating, Cord length: 1.8 m, 


Product Description

The Philips HP8696 lets you experiment with your curls and care for your hair at the same time. From wavy and free-flowing to tight and bouncy, this Philips Multi-Curler helps you create lots of different curling styles.



The Philips Multi-Curler contains:

1. 16mm curling tong for ringlets

2. Brush sleeve for 16mm tong to create additional volume

3. 22mm curling tong

4. Spiral brush sleeve to create big curls and beautiful waves.

Ceramic Coating

Each heat attachment contains ceramic coating for better hair care.

190°C Temperature

Get long-lasting results with the high temperature which enables you to change the shape of your hair.


A pouch is also included for easier storage of the multi-curler and all its attachments.

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